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Investment Solutions

Customized portfolios designed to reduce risk and optimize returns.

Heward works with each client to best understand individual investment expectations and relative risk tolerance. On this basis, and in consideration of assets under management, the firm will provide the necessary guidance to ensure an optimal fit between each client and specific financial service offerings.

Heward Canadian Dividend Growth Fund

Established in 2009, the Heward Canadian Dividend Growth Fund is a Canadian equity fund that focuses on companies that consistently grow their dividends over the long-term. The fund is designed with the dual objective of achieving income through dividends and long-term growth at lower than market risk.

Heward Equity Fund

The Heward Equity Fund seeks to achieve a superior long-term rate of return and safety of capital. The strategy is diversified across various sectors and market capitalizations in the global marketplace. The portfolio will be structured in accordance with the Manager’s view of the market, therefore, sector allocations may vary significantly over time.

Heward Income Fund

The Heward Income Fund seeks to generate long term capital appreciation and investment income to provide an attractive total investment return. The fund invests in a diversified basket of debt securities, preferred shares, income trusts, real estate investment trusts, hybrid products and common shares.

Heward Global Leaders Fund

The Heward Global Leaders Fund seeks to generate consistent returns over the long term by identifying high-quality global businesses that are attractively priced. Companies are leaders in their respective business field, have high defendable barriers to entry, solid management, high returns on invested capital and consistent return of capital via dividends.

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