Heward has prospered over the decades due to strong and dedicated team of professionals, with a diverse set of experiences and expertise.

  • A portfolio manager is a professional whose only business is to manage portfolios and advise individual clients.
  • Clients of a portfolio manager include individuals, companies, trusts and estates, foundations and retirement funds.
  • A portfolio manager offers continuous ongoing management of a client’s investment portfolio.
  • Such people are professionally trained to select securities for the portfolio which are appropriate for the client’s circumstances and requirements.
  • At the beginning of the client-manager relationship, an investment policy statement is established based on an understanding of the client’s overall financial position, tax status and risk tolerance, leading to investment objectives for the portfolio.

From: Portfolio Management Association of Canada

Heward provides discretionary investment management to private investors, family trusts, estates, holding companies, non-resident companies and charitable foundations across Canada and abroad.

Yes. The firm’s global investment strategy provides it with maximum flexibility with regards to geographic allocation. The strategy applies across all client portfolios unless explicitly stipulated otherwise in the investment policy statement.

The firm manages several types of investment mandates. Investment mandates are governed by their respective IPS, but generally fall into one of the following five mandates:

  1. Global Balanced Mandate: capital preservation and long-term growth.
  2. Global Balanced Growth Mandate: prioritizes long-term growth over capital preservation.
  3. Global Conservative Balanced Mandate: prioritizes capital preservation over long-term growth.
  4. Global Equity Mandate: long-term growth
  5. Global Fixed Income Mandate: Income and capital preservation

Fair dealing is a fundamental policy at Heward. The Firm complies with its fiduciary duty to treat all clients with fairness in the allocation of investments.

  • On a quarterly basis, Heward provides clients with an investment commentary, performance reports, portfolio appraisals, and a detailed summary of purchases and sales.
  • A capital gains report is available upon client request.
  • Custodians, RBC Investor and Treasury Services and National Bank Independent Network (NBIN), send monthly statements listing: all securities held, all purchases and sales, all dividends and interest collected, and any monies paid out.
  • In addition to providing all necessary annual summaries for year-end accounting, custodians provide ‘T5’ and ‘T3’ documentation for income trusts.
  • RBC also provides an annual capital gains summary.

It is recommended that portfolio managers and clients meet regularly (quarterly, semi-annual or annually) to remain abreast of their investment portfolios.

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